818_myles-martin Myles Martin - Coldwell Banker Resort Realty

Myles Martin

Office: Rehoboth Beach
Email: mmartin@cbanker.com


Myles was great! He helped out a ton with anything that we needed.
2020 - Sarah Kromraj
Myles Martin is always wonderfully helpful!
2020 - Laura Gordon
Myles Martin-Great service!
2020 - Cheryl Wilson
As always, Myles was available when needed.
2020 - Hallahan
We needed last minute accommodations and Myles found us a place quick and it was wonderful!
2020 - Sheri Branch
As always, Myles was available when needed and listened to our concerns about moving our reservation date back into August.
2020 - Hallahan
Myles was very helpful
2020 - Joseph Rose
2021 - Gail Orr
Myles was great to work with!
2021 - Kaitlin Debar
Myles was really helpful when we checked in to our rental.
2021 - Jessica Rodney
From day one Myles was the best. We had a person with a medical condition, and every effort was made to accommodate that. His promptness and attitude are greatly appreciated!
2021 - Susan Miller