We have 4 office locations surrounding Sussex County. Our agents have designated desk space at the location of their choice, and then have unrestricted 24/7 access to all other company facilities and resources. Each office has conference and meeting rooms that are equipped with a TV, wall-mounted computer, phones, etc… for agent use.

Training & Support

Our agent training and brokerage support is unparalleled.

Broker support 7 days a week – our brokers and office managers are available 7 days a week to help prepare offer terms, review documents, and provide general support to our agents.

Continuing Education – all 7 continuing education modules, required by the Delaware Real Estate Commission for license renewal, are offered inhouse at no cost to our agents.

Mentorship Program – CBRR selects and compensates mentors for new agents. Unlike other mentor programs, we understand the value of this training, and offer the program at no cost to our agents.

Propel is an exclusive CBRR 6-week training program – designed to prepare new salespeople for their real estate career.

We hold company-wide monthly sales meetings – providing important industry updates to our sales agents.

Local and in-house workshops – on various topics as needed.

Corporate training via CB University.

Tuition reimbursement – earning designation for approved designation courses.

Services & Departments

When we say we’re a full-service company, we really mean it. Whether our clients are buying, selling, renting, or investing, we have agents that specialize in each part of the real estate arena. We employ honest, knowledgeable, and hard-working professionals and support them with the best products and services in the real estate industry.

Sales Department
Sales services for buyers and sellers of residential single-family homes, condos and townhouses, unimproved lots, land and development.

Relocation Department
Oversees the referral network and provides support for incoming and outgoing referral business, broker to broker referrals, as well as military and corporate relocation. Cartus Broker Network.

Rental Department
Specializes in short-term vacation rentals, as well as year-round rentals. The rental department is a tremendous resource for sales agents who are working with buyers and sellers of rental properties. The rental department has its own bookkeeping service and is available to sales agents and their buyers and sellers for rental consultation and property management services.

Commercial Department
Specializes in all aspects of commercial sales and leases.

Reception & Administrative Services
7 days a week in most locations, phones, messages, voice mail, receive clients, scheduling appointments, etc. Administrative staff provides Agent Itinerary Forms and conducts agent safety follow-up.

Accounting Department
Provides accounting support 5 days a week, with same or next day commission payments.

CBRR Brand Tools

Coldwell Banker is committed to helping our agents build successful careers. We offer a plethora of Coldwell Banker specific tools and programs to help do that. Each of these are available to our agents at no cost.

  • CB Exchange – Coldwell Banker’s agent resource for all CB information. Single Sign-on and springboard to all other Coldwell Banker programs.
  • Zap CRM (with Lead Capture) – Robust customer relationship management system with buy/sell confidence score.
    Personal Website through the Zap Platform.
  • LeadRouter – Rapid response lead delivery, converting leads to voice messages for immediate delivery to agents’ cell phone.
  • eMarketing – Post cards, fliers, newsletters delivered electronically.
  • CBX Listing Experience – Exclusive CBx website and app that leverages powerful technology and ‘big data’ to help set the most accurate price for homes, locate the right buyers and strategically market to the ideal buyer.
  • CBX Seller Leads – Coldwell Banker’s listing lead generation system that identifies households likely to list and sell homes before they reach out to an agent. With a 5% conversion rate, nearly 3 times the industry average, CBX Seller Leads is a tremendous tool for listing agents.
  • CBX Buyer Leads – Similar to CBX Seller Leads, CBX Buyer Leads identifies buyers with the use of machine learning, a sophisticated form of artificial intelligence, and proprietary algorithms to give buyer’s agents a competitive advantage over their competition.
  • CB University – As the education arm of the Coldwell Banker brand, CBU develops and delivers impactful, action-based learning programs based on the best practices of high-performing sales associates and managers. These courses are instrumental in delivering exceptional customer experiences and maintaining the high level of productivity that Coldwell Banker agents have.
  • Virtual AMP (Achieve Maximum Production) – Productivity course with a strong focus on lead generation and learning by doing. Agents how participated in AMP course had an estimated annualized 31.5% more listings and 35.3% more closed sides than agents who didn’t take the training.
  • Out List Out Last – Online course designed to give agents a foundation in establishing a lucrative long-term business through a focus on listings.
  • Global Luxury Program – Coldwell Banker’s luxury home division that sells over $161M per day of $1M+ homes, with the average sales price being $1.9M. Exclusive signage and corporate resources are available for the Global Luxury program.



Nearly half our agents have over 10 years tenure with the firm and 98.41% of our clients recommend us to their friends and family. At Coldwell Banker Resort Realty, we are proud of our company culture. We are not just transaction coordinators – though we are very good at that job – we are providers of valuable services to our community. Whether we’re advising homebuyers and sellers on real estate matters, raising money for needy families, organizing and supporting community events, or advocating for private property rights – as Realtors and as members of the Coldwell Banker Resort Realty team, the vitality of the community is our mission.