We came to Pat because of previous experiences with her, and knew she would take care of everything professionally and efficiently
2021 - Virginia Kauffman
2021 - Virginia Kauffman
The Microwave at our rental did not work and Joseph Gallagher replaced it quickly with one he had on hand, and then a brand new one soon after.
2021 - Eileen Garner
2021 - Jenkins
Carla has always been very helpful.
2021 - Joseph Anthony
2021 - Gail Orr
Myles was great to work with!
2021 - Kaitlin Debar
John is great!
2021 - J. Braeu
Sally was really great.
2021 - Jessica Rodney
Myles was really helpful when we checked in to our rental.
2021 - Jessica Rodney
2021 - Mark Douyard
Bill Mantyla was exceptional to work with - he was knowledgeable and extremely responsive.
2021 - Nicole Clark
2021 - Faiza Mathon-Mathieu
From day one Myles was the best. We had a person with a medical condition, and every effort was made to accommodate that. His promptness and attitude are greatly appreciated!
2021 - Susan Miller
Joseph Gallagher was amazing. He was awesome to work with and kept me up to date on everything - great communication. I can't say enough about him!
2021 - Blake Wolfe
I cannot say enough about the exceptional service we received from Joseph. It was a pleasure working with him prior to our arrival, and I will recommend him to all of my friends.
2021 - Margie Snipes
When I had an odd request near our arrival date, Joseph was happy to contact the owners and get it approved.
2021 - Christina Edleman
Bill was extremely helpful. He answered all of my emails promptly and did his best to answer all of my questions.
2021 - Barbara Brown
We called about a small issue, and it was taken care of quickly.
2021 - Andrew Palladino
2021 - Don Steffen
2021 - Karen Shepherd
2021 - Ray Gagliardino
2021 - Hanan Urick
2021 - Nevin Wood
2021 - Judy Hines
2021 - Christine Tillman
2021 - Carolyn Truchon
2021 - Tom Pavone
2021 - Sally Davis
2021 - Tanya Meyers