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Michael Getzlaff

Office: Rehoboth Beach
Email: mgetzlaff@cbanker.com
Phone: 302-515-5711
Business: The Nitan Soni Group, part of Coldwell Banker Resort Realty, Rehoboth Beach

Key Responsibilities: To provide the best service to my real estate clients! I strive to be a trusted real estate professional who is skillful and well informed, and treats clients with honesty and integrity.

I joined The Nitan Soni Group because I felt it was a great partnership opportunity – to work with a team of people that have the same values and business philosophy as I do, where all of our actions are grounded in people and their well-being, not transactions.

Achievements: While I’m proud of my career, I feel the best achievements in life are personal. With this in mind, I feel my greatest accomplishment was taking the risk of leaving life’s comforts to backpack around the world with my then girlfriend, now wife, Karen.

We explored over 30 countries, languages, cultures, beliefs and ways of life. Strangers became fast friends, and I learned so much about the best of human nature. This experience deeply affects how I currently interact with clients – always approaching someone new with warmth, good humor and a pleasant nature.

Education: I earned a BA in English from Elmhurst College in Elmhurst, Illinois. I parlayed this degree into a 15-year career in Marketing, creating award-winning advertising campaigns involving print, digital and video mediums.

Family: Karen and I have two lovely daughters, Hazel, 13, and Lucy, 11.

Interests & Hobbies: Much to my wife’s chagrin, I still love skateboarding, especially the concrete bowl at Epworth. I snowboard, travel when I can and am working on improving my Skee-Ball game – local tip, the second machine from the right at Funland has the best bumpers for ricochet 100s.

Personal & Professional Goals: Help others and myself enjoy life. That’s the Number 1 reason why people move to the Delaware shore. I want to help people find a home that they’ll look back on as one of the best decisions they’ve ever made.


Michael is great, and we want to say thank you to him. We want to use him for our next sale!
2021 - Will Lopez & Wayne Alberts

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